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Statement by Naomi Long (APNI) on the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry Report, (23 May 2011)

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Text: Naomi Long... Page compiled: Brendan Lynn

Statement by Naomi Long, then Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (APNI) MP for East Belfast, on the publication of the Report into the death of Rosemary Nelson, (23 May 2011)


"The report makes for very sobering reading. The inquiry found no evidence of collusion between the state and those who committed this callous act; however, it did highlight serious failings by both the RUC and the Northern Ireland Office in how they dealt with the threat against Mrs Nelson.

This report is a sobering reminder of the serious consequences of such failures and omissions.

No recommendations have been brought forward in this report as the Inquiry has concluded that the relevant organisations and their structures have been reformed in a way which addressed those system failings which were identified to be present at the time of the murder.

Our thoughts are, quite rightly, with the family and friends of Rosemary Nelson as they consider the report in the coming weeks.

We must also continue to remember all of those who have lost loved ones during the troubles, many of whom fear that they may never know the truth of what happened.

Today, I asked the Secretary of State whether he will put in place a comprehensive process to address the legacy of the past. I believe this is vital to meet the needs and address the pain of all victims and survivors, help us learn from past mistakes and create a stable foundation on which to build a more prosperous and shared future".


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